Thursday, February 2, 2012

Breaking News : Terry G Slangs/Vocal Words

Breaking News

Terry G discovered these following vocal words and have been accepted by International Academy of Vocal Languages (IAVL):

Tile tile - means a Lady or Baby, but not a Bitch or Whore
Chante Chante - means his Genre of Music
Ginjah - means the zeal or mode that drives someone to achieve his/her goal.
Swaggah - means your social class or activity.
Akpako - means a scope
Walangolo - means rotate your waist
Dunkololo - means to get down on the dance floor.
Skimpololo - means to go crazy
Dangba - means a fool.
Shoeshiner - means an illiterate
Bregedige - means jealousy.
Oskengo - means a dullard.
Ratatatata-means Alert
PRAA-means Alert,Wake up