Thursday, February 9, 2012

Music : YQ Ft. Terry G - Sandalili [Produced By Fliptyce]

Now this is  a lovely collaborative effort coming from  YQ, Terry G  & Fliptyce. Normally you don't get to see Terry G Jumping on other Producers Beat. But this track he jumped on it, produced by fast rising producer Fliptyce (P-Square - Chop My Money)  If you went to any of the Nigerian Primary schools those days, you should be familiar with the some certain  themes like  "Sandalili,Sandalili, Sandalili  and many more.
This one surely going to make you move your feets on the dancefloor
YQ Ft. Terry G - Sandalili [Produced By Fliptyce]

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Breaking News : Terry G Slangs/Vocal Words

Breaking News

Terry G discovered these following vocal words and have been accepted by International Academy of Vocal Languages (IAVL):

Tile tile - means a Lady or Baby, but not a Bitch or Whore
Chante Chante - means his Genre of Music
Ginjah - means the zeal or mode that drives someone to achieve his/her goal.
Swaggah - means your social class or activity.
Akpako - means a scope
Walangolo - means rotate your waist
Dunkololo - means to get down on the dance floor.
Skimpololo - means to go crazy
Dangba - means a fool.
Shoeshiner - means an illiterate
Bregedige - means jealousy.
Oskengo - means a dullard.
Ratatatata-means Alert
PRAA-means Alert,Wake up